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Why do we still Clash? Is It Alive Or Dead?

It’s been 6 years and Clash of Clans is still revolving around the world.

The game itself revolves around the idea of fortifying a base, defending it from invading players and their clans, and raiding the bases of others in order to gain resources and start the whole process over again. The gameplay and graphics are addicting, and because logging off means leaving your base wide open for a raid, the game’s top players stay glued to their screens.

Back then troop training was the only thing that we used to take a break and then come back to play but now they are trained much faster than before so that’s one main reason why people still clash.

When you start getting addicted, it becomes your daily routine.

But why it is still alive?Gameplay and graphics of coc

Because Supercell keep adding new content every 3 months and the players who wants to max asap keeps gemming. That’s one reason why it is still alive.

Another reason is their gameplay and graphics most important of all which no other games can level them. Though there are other games which have similar gameplay but not good graphics.

In this game there is no end unless Supercell decides to stop updating their game anymore.

Clash of Clans is a free game, but to stay ahead you have to pay. This is a “freemium” model. It’s free to play, but you could end up paying a premium. Players are always tempted by huge deal offers and also pay real money for in-game currency, gems, to help get ahead in the game. That’s a reason they earn more and motivates them to add more content to the game.

The game can be played anyway you want, there is no restrictions until they found a problem for a feature ‘War’ where people manipulate the system, they call it a term ‘engineering’ and put some restrictions.

So what’s so addicting about a Clash of Clans?

There’s a three-minute timer on the raid. You get 30 seconds to scout an enemy’s base, and when you see the loot and trophies which fulfills you, you start dropping troops. You have three minutes to destroy the enemy’s defenses.

If you win a battle you gains trophies, which advances you in the rankings. If you lose, you lose trophies, depending on if your opponent was a higher or lower rank than you.

Some players makes money from game by YouTube and if you know last month Supercell released a video teaser for upcoming war league update, that video was trending no.1 in India and reached 5M views within a day, so that’s another reason why clash is still popular and alive.

Is their revenue declining?

Supercell reported a 20.5 percent drop in 2017 core profit due to falling revenue for its five-year-old hit game Clash of Clans. But does it mean dead? No.

Supercell, founded in 2010 and valued in 2016 at around $10 billion (roughly Rs. 64,000 crores), has grown every year and being the continuing success of its hit games.

The company has focused on a handful of games and killed off those which it did not expect to become top-10 global hits.

Now they have a tough competition from another popular game ‘PUBG’.

Chief Executive Ilkka Paananen told a news conference “As games are getting older, people in the West are not getting that satisfaction as they wanted to. ” Supercell has a catalogue of four games – Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day – which have around 100 million daily active players in total.

It derives a significant amount of its revenue from in-game purchases that players make with their Smartphones.

He also said in 2018 they will look for new growth opportunities in China and Asia.

So as a conclusion, Yes clash is still alive and we will be able to clash for another 5 years.


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